Commercial Photographer Byron Bay

Food photographer, product photographer from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast

Don Raff is a commercial photographer from Byron Bay and is passionate about helping all businesses with creative visual imagery. Whether you’re a small e-commerce business, a motel, hotel, restaurant or need a large corporate catalog shoot, RaffPics will work with you to help your company create a strong visual online presence. 

AirBnb Is the fastest sharing economy In the world, Don has vast experience in this area, photographing  over one thousand Airbnb listings . "I know how to get the best out of your AirBnb to maximise your occupancy rate". 


Generate excitement

We will create images that target your individual needs and make your company stand out from the rest.


Specialist in Hotels Motels and Airbnb Photography

Product photography


Beautiful images sell products.

Sharp, accurate images of your product, are essential whether you are selling on Ebay or Amazon.

We cover a full range of Product Photography, Cosmetic Photography, Beverage Photography, Jewellery Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Fashion Photography, Editorial and Lifestyle Photography for Ecommerce Online Photography.We are the Food Photographer Product Photographer.


Food Photography

The food we eat not only deserves to be eaten, it also deserves to be photographed.


Commercial Photography

Whatever the assignment, my role as a photographer is to capture compelling images, whether it is a car workshop or a retail outlet.